For those who are interested in grading with us, we have a 5-year school curriculum in place written by Supreme Grandmaster Attorney Dionisio Cañete.

Grade 1 - White belt
Grade 2 - Yellow belt
Grade 3 - Orange belt
Grade 4 - Green belt
Grade 5 - Blue belt
Grade 6 - Purple belt

Grade 7 - Brown belt
Grade 8 - Brown belt 1
Grade 9 - Brown belt 2
Grade 10 - Brown belt 3
Grade 11 - Black belt 1st degree
Grade 12 - Black belt 2nd degree
Grade 13 - Black belt 3rd degree


The Red belt in the Multi Style System is reserved for Supreme Grandmaster Diony Cañete, 12th degree.

Single and double stick lessons are taught throughout the different grades. Basic mano-mano (empty hand) techniques can be found as early as the first grade. Basic sparring as early as the second grade. Corto Kurbada and Baraw (knife techniques) fifth grade. And Espada y Daga at sixth grade.

You receive a belt and a certificate after each grading.