WEKAF British Championships 2011
Team EA Doce Pares

WEKAF British Championships 2011
Superman Ermar Alexander

WEKAF British Championships 2011
Kim Calivara wins over Rex Hilario in double sticks

Doce Pares at the WEKAF British Championships 2011

Congratulations to our new Champs!!

10th of April 2011. Daventry, Northampton. WEKAF ran the 2011 British Championships and the Champion of Champions event.

Fighters from EA Doce Pares were:

Ermar Alexander
Ismael Fraser
David Capurro
Kyd Franklin
Sahed Magou
Zein Elabdein
Mohibur Rahman
Rex Hilario
Kim Calivara (is a Cadet but fought in the Adults category)
Kris Franklin (Cadets)
Jim Rabulan (Cadets)
RJ Adap (Cadets)
Euan Dunkley (Kids)

And our winnings:

Ermar Alexander - Gold (double stick)
Ismael Fraser - Gold (double stick)
Sahed Magou - Gold (double stick)
Kim Calivara - Silver (double stick)
Jim Rabulan - Gold (single stick) and Gold (double stick)
Kris Franklin - Bronze (single stick) and Silver (double stick)
RJ Adap - Bronze (double stick)

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the event, and to the fighters... without you we are nothing. Congratulations to everyone!!

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13 April 2011, Wednesday