Letter to Italy
Letter from SGM Diony Cañete to Doce Pares Italy representative Vilma Ramos
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Master Danny Huertas: Doce Pares European Director

Supreme Grandmaster Diony Cañete has appointed Master Danny Huertas (5th degree black belt) from Norway to be the Doce Pares Director for Europe.

In a signed letter dated 21st April 2011 from Doce Pares President Diony Cañete to Ms Vilma Ramos (newly appointed Doce Pares Italy representative), it says:

'...MASTER DANNY HUERTAS of Norway is currently Director of Doce Pares for Europe, hence he has full supervisory authority on all its Chapters, Branches and Affiliates located in the entire continent."

Congratulations to Master Danny!!! We are looking forward to your leadership of Doce Pares Europe!!

29 April 2011, Friday