London Spring Grading
The new orange and green belts

London Spring Grading
Candidate performs a form as part of the test

Doce Pares London Spring Grading

Congratulations to our 8 new promotions!

On 30th April 2011, EA Doce Pares held it's Spring grading at the EA Doce Pares Headquarters in London. The grading is based on Grandmaster Diony CaƱete's 5-year curriculum syllabus.

Those who passed are:

Halima Ahmadi - Yellow Belt
Dee Velicaria - Yellow Belt
Neamh Bannatyne - Orange Belt
Eric Pradhan - Orange Belt
Dree Velicaria - Orange Belt
Euan Dunkley - Green Belt
Ryan Dunkley - Green Belt
Kristopher Franklin - Green Belt

The eight candidates were vetted by black belts Master Ermar Alexander, Master Kevin Angeles and brown belts Diana Fauner and Ismael Fraser.

The candidates were tested from their Yellow belt skills, to Green belt. This consisted of 5 levels in total. They were tested on single stick, double stick, knife, espada y daga and mano-mano (empty hands), as well as Sayaw (forms). And finally, they were also tested with their historical and academic knowledge on Eskrima and Doce Pares.

Again, congratulations!!!

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30 April 2011, Saturday