WEKAF 2012

Flores de Mayo 2012

WEKAF World Championships 2012, Cebu, Philippines

Cebu, Philippines

The 12th WEKAF World Championships was held from 18th-24th July 2012 at various venues in Cebu, the home of the Filipino martial art of Eskrima.

WEKAF Philippines hosted this year's event which was graced by over 30 countries including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Reunion Island, Switzerland, Germany, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Hungary, Norway, Australia, Spain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Poland, New Zealand, Iran, Lichtenstein, Philippines, South Korea and many others.

The games were held over the rest of the 6 days in various events such as Forms, Single stick sparring and Double stick sparring.

WEKAF also launched padded stick sparring this year as a demo sport and to make it an official sport for the 2014 games.

Hungary successfully bid for the 2014 WEKAF World Championships at the World Congress held on the 18th of July. We will see you in Debrecen!

Diana Fauner also was the sole representative for Great Britain at the WEKAF World Congress and meeting of the Board of Directors.

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01 August 2012, Wednesday