Black belt grading

Black belt grading

Black belt grading

Diana Fauner Blackbelt Grading

Monday 27th February 2012, Eskrima Temple

Master Ermar Alexander presented his candidate, Diana Fauner, to SGM Diony Cañete, GM Kano Cañete, GM Tenciong Gutang and Master Gerald Cañete for the grading for the 1st degree black belt level.

Diana has been learning and practicing Eskrima for the past six (6) years. At her grading, she performed techniques from single stick, double stick, knife, mano-mano, espada y daga, serra todo, practical self defense and forms.

The examination took almost three (3) hours at the Eskrima Temple where Diana is the first female to have passed a black belt grading.

About over seven (7) months ago, Diana gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Taking advantage of her maternity leave, she went back home to the Philippines for three (3) months, two (2) of which was spent training at the Doce Pares International Headquarters.

Congratulations Diana!!

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27 February 2012, Tuesday