Dubai at WEKAF Worlds

UAE at WEKAF Worlds

WEKAF World Championships 2014

Team EA Doce Pares Dubai competed at the 13th WEKAF World Championships held in Debrecen, Hungary.

Chris Pieri, Alex Pieri and Wesam Ayyash represented the United Arab Emirates for the first time at the event. This is also the same team that reprented their country at the GSBA World Championships a week before!

The results:

Chris Pieri
Single Stick (Cruiserweight) - Bronze


Alex Pieri
Double Stick (Super Heavyweight) - Silver


Wesam Ayyash
Single Stick (Heavyweight) - Bronze

Padded Stick (Heavyweight) - Bronze

Congratulations to EA Doce Pares DUBAI!!!

You made us proud!!


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27 July 2014, Sunday
Debrecen, Hungary